World Childless Week Schedule 2019

The idea makes me tremble with nerves but it also makes me smile as I think of us coming together again to unite our voices. Behind the scenes people have already been approaching me with their ideas and offers of support and that makes me go all mushy with emotion whilst at the same time I want to jump up and down and scream about how excited I am. 

So let me kick this off by sharing the details of the week’s daily topics.

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Father's Day by Stephanie Phillips

Yesterday when I was in the middle of organising a newsletter for World Childless Week it suddenly clicked that it was Father’s Day for many countries this coming weekend. I realised the importance of acknowledging this day and the range of emotions it can raise for any man who is childless not by choice. Having focused on the history of Mother’s Day earlier this year I decided to follow the same pattern and look into the history of Father’s Day.

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Take a Dance with Me

On Saturday I cautiously tiptoed, in my comfy shoes, into The Barbican for There’s More to Life Than Children. I spotted and overheard two ladies who appeared to be going to the same event and decided to follow them as I had no idea where I was going.

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KOSONG - childless women in Java, Indonesia

Chonie Prysilia recently contacted me to share her trailer for KOSONG; an animated documentary film about married women in Java, who are childless.

In Java (Indonesia) women are automatically blamed if children are not forthcoming in a marriage. They are not allowed the freedom to speak out, and are judged regardless of the situation.

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Meet the New Social Movement by Rachael Krinks

Policy makers and business people might want to check out the new social movement on the block as a demographic group of interest. The growing numbers of childless adults in Australia, the UK, the US and around the globe are making themselves heard.

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