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World Childless Week is tremendously grateful to each blogger and podcaster who raises their childless voice to support our community. Together we are getting louder and making a difference to those who hear us.

If you write a blog or speak out on a podcast and would like to be added to this page please get in touch.

Ageing without children consultancy

Ageing without Children is the biggest invisible issue in the age sector. Already over 1 million people over 65 have no children which will rise to 2 million by 2030. There is projected to be an 80% increase in the number of older people who will have long term care needs but be both single and without children.

Kirsty has 25 years’ experience of working in the field of ageing. She founded AWwoC in 2014 in response to the invisibility of older people without children or family in discussions and planning on ageing. She is married and childless.

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Beloved and Barren

Shari Wilson blogs about her story at Beloved and Barren.

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I am at a point in my life where I am looking ahead to a life without a 'future family' of my own. I have no choice but to accept this; and like those who face unavoidable and inescapable challenges in life, I'm finding my way toward establishing an alternative sense of purpose and belonging. There are no easy words or remedies because childlessness is just the beginning. My childlessness grows with me throughout many landmarks in life as the rest of the world participates in all of society's lifelong norms. I'm childless, teenagerless, adultless, grandchildless and heirless.

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Infertility Honesty

Wife and business supporter to chef/restaurant owner husband, daughter, sister, friend, niece and “crazy aunt” as dubbed by beloved nine year old nephew. Madly in love with the children we can’t have. Child free not by choice infertility survivor, IVF veteran, body work junkie holding holistic medicine at arm’s length. Openly and actively grieving the loss of our children and proud of it. Histadelic and pyroluric mental illness survivor, proud of that too.

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La vida sin hijos - Maternidad invisible

Hola, te doy la bienvenida a mi sitio web. Bienvenida a mi red de soporte para personas que soñaron con tener hijos y como yo no lo consiguieron. Soy Gloria Labay, nací en 1965 y soy una mujer sin hijos, no por elección sino por circunstancias. ¿Has podido expresar con libertad alguna vez todas las emociones y sentimientos que te produce no haber podido tener hijos a pesar de haberlo deseado? Ven a los encuentros de La Vida Sin Hijos. Un espacio seguro donde podrás hablar con libertad y confianza entre iguales.

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Lesley Pyne

Hello, I’m Lesley, I’m childless and I’m living a very fulfilling and joyful life.

But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve stood where you’re standing now, knowing that, in order to move on I need to let go of the dream of motherhood & not wanting to because it feels so final.

I forged my own path and I want to tell you that you can too. Unfortunately there’s no magic wand I can wave, instead I use my blog, book and stories of other childless women to show you that it is possible to find happiness even when your biggest dream didn’t come true.

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Life: A Bird's Eye View

A fierce and feisty girl-about-town, with a grab-it-by-the-balls, no-nonsense attitude. Raspberry cheesecake, a wry sense of humour and copious amounts of Sauvignon Blanc are my weapons of choice as I tackle the daily battles of life head-on, warpaint carefully applied, arm-in-arm with my dependable army of girlfriends. When I'm not selling delicious-smelling lotions and potions at my beauty boutique, you can find me tapping away here on my blog or over at Huffington Post UK, chilling on a beach in Thailand, or dancing full-throttle at a party somewhere; house music is the soundtrack to my life.

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Life Without Baby

I understand how lonely, confusing, and isolating it can be to face a life without children when motherhood has always been in your plans. I know how difficult it can be to walk away from a key chapter in your life, and I’m familiar with the tangle of emotions that can creep up on you when you contemplate taking a different path in life.

I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve come out the other side not just surviving, but thriving in a life I had never planned for myself.

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Married and Childless

We are a married couple in our 50’s who have travelled the infertility journey, it was not a success for us,  it was tough, but we made it through.  

What we did realise was the value of the shared experience and this is our way of giving back to those that feel alone on this journey or looking for some hope.

Our blog will be raw and at times quite sad, but what we want you to see is there is life after one of the hardest things we have ever done.

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National Association of Involuntary Childlessness

The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness (NAIC) is a support and research organization committed to bringing awareness and eliminating the stigma impacting the lives of involuntary childless women. In a society that encourages and promotes motherhood, with its current social norms and culture, childlessness can be stigmatizing. Being thrust into infertility, not having a single friend to relate can make a childless woman feel so isolated, broken and alone. Our hope is to empower women to better cope with involuntary childlessness and for loved ones to have a better understanding. 

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Not So Mommy

I’m Brandi Lytle and to describe myself is, well… complicated.  One thing is for sure, though.  My life has not turned out the way that I planned. An Oklahoma girl, I always thought I’d be just a good ol’ fashioned Mom, with two kids, a husband, a dog, and a cat, living in my traditional house.  Heck, even as a little girl, I toted my Cabbage Patch Kid around in a carrier on my chest.  But life took me on a different journey.

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Post IVF world

I am living a post IVF world ( living is possibly an overstatement right now), but wading through some pretty crazy feelings and just working out who I am! I want to share how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking and how things change in a post IVF world.

I’m hoping I can get some positive out of something negative and to inspire you too!

I want to share how life is for me now, and how I am getting through it to make things just a bit more normal, ideally, to show others in a similar boat that things are OK, to be childless is OK, if rather unexpected!

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Robin Hadley

I have recently completed my PhD at Keele University. My research study explored the experience of involuntarily childless older men and has recently gained much international attention. My interest in involuntarily childless men is in part due to my own sense of 'broodiness' and wish to become a father.

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The Childless Life

Hello! I am Sandy from Louisiana. I am childless (it wasn't a choice). This blog explores coming to terms with childlessness, finding our inner strength (it’s still in there!) and how to live a life different from what we dreamed…

The heartbreak never goes away. But there is joy. We will find it together. Let’s talk.

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The Full Stop Podcast

To provide a cohesive voice to the Childless-not-by-choice community, covering all of the topics that affect us.

Uniting the community and showing that you don’t need to do this alone, because there is a community of support out there. We want to give everyone a point of reference, with presenters and guests whom we can identify with and a voice, to assist those on their own path to acceptance.

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The Gut Link

Emotions; we all have them. They are part of what makes us human and able to connect with one another. Love, is one of, if not the most powerful of all human emotions. Grief can be equally powerful. Like most of us, you’ve probably experienced a time when your emotions took over, causing you to think or act irrationally. On the contrary, maybe you’ve...

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The Imagined Mother

My name is Annie.  I’m a writer, after dark jogger and servant to small, furry creatures. After spending my entire adulthood in pursuit of motherhood, I finally came to the devastating realisation, about 4 years ago at the age of 42, that I was never going to be a mum.  The journey from that realisation and the utter grief and desolation I felt then to today, where I feel much more balanced although still overwhelmed with sadness sometimes, has been rockier than…well…something or somewhere that’s very, very rocky indeed.

At times I thought I’d never come out the other side, but I’m still here and still smiling and on the (rocky) road to being happy again.

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Uber Barrens Club

These are women I've come to know in infertility forums and Facebook groups, or through friends of friends - most of whom I've never met. Many of whom I know by username only. Some of whom who've become dear real-life friends. All of whom who've kept me going in the darkest times. 

Uber Barrens Club isn't a specific forum or group - it's the wider community of people who get it. 

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Walk In Our Shoes

Berenice Smith has a postgraduate degree in graphic design and typography. Walk In Our Shoes was researched and developed as part of a social design collaboration module. The brief was to create a product or service where designed solved a social problem.

The aim is to bridge the gap between those who have children and involuntary childlessness by publishing real accounts of adversity and strength from men and women who are childless. The site has won an award at the exhibition 'Perceptions' held in Cambridge in 2014 and was a finalist in the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2017 for lifestyle and culture.

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