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On this page you can find out more about how to download images, planners and read about Steph and the story of World Childless Week. Stephanie Phillips is the owner and founder of World Childless Week.

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Stephanie Phillips, founder of World Childless Week

Stephanie Phillips, founder of World Childless Week

About Stephanie

Stephanie Phillips is passionate about raising awareness for the childless not by choice. After realising that there was no national recognition of the community she decided to start World Childless Week. She helps to administrate the Facebook based group called Childless Path To Acceptance for those past the point of trying to conceive and founded Childless Chit Chat and Childless Perks!! whose emphasis is on breaking away from the support and building friendships and finding laughter in a safe child-free zone.  

Steph lives in Worcestershire. She enjoys her aqua classes and occasional trips to the gym but prefers to eat out and then relax in front of the television with a puzzle book and one of her two rescue cats snuggled up beside her.  She is writing a self-help book about being childless not by choice after researching the thoughts and emotions of over 200 women.

The WCW 2018 group logo

The WCW 2018 group logo

Logo downloads

The World Childless Week logo ensures that the messages of World Childless Week are delivered consistently. 

The single flower can be used for instances where space or the background image is busy and the groups of flowers are not easily viewed. It can also be used in one to one instances, on a blog or when referring to one person in a written piece.  This logo is best used when space is limited. The group of flowers is referring to our community and our tribe and works well in references to group activities and bringing about a  sense of togetherness. For more information contact Stephanie or Berenice. 

Please note that we ask that logos are not stretched or distorted. Please back link any copy or use of the logo to this website this website

The logo is the copyright of World Childless Week and Stephanie Phillips.

The World Childless Week Daily Themes 

The World Childless Week Daily Themes 

The World Childless Week Daily Themes 

If you follow World Childless Week or any of our champions on social media you'll see that we're sharing the daily themes. 

Why a planner? Well, each daily theme is designed to help bloggers schedule their content. It also helps to indentify problem areas for men and women who are childless not by choice. 

This year we have added in Men Matter Too and The Arts. The rest of the themes are carried from 2017 as they were so popular and emotive to our community. You can read the 2017 themes here. 

If you'd like to share the World Childless Week Daily Themes please click below for print and web ready files. As with the logos, please ensure that you've linked to our site. If you have any questions about the themes or want to get involved then do get in touch! 

Interviews with the World Childless Week Champions

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