World Childless Week encourages anyone dealing with the grief of being childless to join a support group. Being amongst others who understand your grief can validate your emotions and allow you to realise you are not alone. Each support group has a different ethos so take some time to read the groups full description on their page to ensure it is the right one for you at this moment in time.  

Please note that in order to join these groups many (if not all) will have pre-set entry questions. Your answers help the admins to ensure the group is right for you, and you are right for the group. 

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Ageing Without Children

AWOC is a UK based organisation aimed at people over the age of 50 without children. This includes people who are without children in later life by choice, circumstance, infertility, bereavement, estrangement, distance or any other reason. You are more than welcome to join if you're under 50 but a lot of talk will be around issues associated with ageing. The numbers of people ageing without children is increasing and by 2030 there will be 2 million people over 65 without children.

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Andra sidan tröskeln

Blev ditt liv ett liv utan barn, fast du helst hade velat ha egna?
Har du svårt att veta hur du ska hantera situationen som ofrivilligt barnlös?
Vet du inte när och hur du ska sörja förlusten av ett barn du aldrig fick?
Har du svårt att släppa taget och kliva över tröskeln till ofrivilligt barnlös?
Ett av dina livsmål gick inte i mål. Hur kommer du vidare?

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Being Fruitful Without Multiplying (Childfree and Childless)

Being Fruitful without Multiplying started as a collaboration of three women sharing their stories about living a life without procreation. If you are Childfree or Childless - you are welcomed to join our Facebook group to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences about living a life without procreation. In the privacy of our CLOSED FORUM you can feel comfortable expressing yourself with others like you, share articles and book recommendations, or even just rant!

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Childless, Beyond The Dream

This is a place for those "beyond the dream" of having a child. We have to face it, choose to face it or learned to face it. Some may have step (bonus) people but you weren't there for all, yet they are part of your life now. Some have step gkids to be part of their worlds, but know that those to could be gone if the situation changed. On whatever path we have all come to this place.

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Childless Christians

Being childless is isolating enough, and then more often than not, we lack the kind of support we need because talking about God and the bible isn't allowed in most groups. This is a place for childless men and women of faith to come and talk together. Posts are not REQUIRED to be religious, or about God, this is just a place where topics about God are ALLOWED. You must however be Christian, and if it is found out that you are a non-Christian who is trying to stumble and cause more heartache to believers you will be removed. To ensure a speedy acceptance please answer the entry questions or contact an admin directly.

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Childless By Circumstance, Not By Choice

This page is created for ladies, with a special hole in their heart. They have no earthly children. Ladies are welcome to share their heart, anger, and feelings with no judgement. As much as we know other mommy's out there love us... they cannot fully understand- as they have child(ren) to hold.

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The Childless Life

This private group is for women who are coming to terms with their childlessness. This is a safe space for us to talk about heartbreak, stupid things people say to you when they learn we don't have kids, etc....and all without the fear of someone asking you the dreaded question "do you have kids). We are also creating a safe space to talk about what brings you joy (even if it seems impossible). Let's talk.

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Childless Not By Choice: Stepmums (no ttc talk)

It's an extremely hard journey to be a stepmom - being on the sidelines watching your partner with their kids from another relationship. Expected to do all the things a "mother" does, but not necessarily being appreciated for the significant time, energy and love you put into building the relationships with your partners children. When you are childless not by choice being reminded of the special bond you will never know on a regular basis is painful. Together we can discuss the highs and lows of being a stepmum whilst also supporting each other through the pain of being childless.

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Childless Path To Acceptance (no ttc talk)

This is a safe place for women and men who are Childless NOT By Choice, be that via infertility or circumstances. When it's time to move on and embrace the life you have (not the life you envisioned) but need a little help getting there, we're friends who understand. Together we can support each other towards acceptance, this is our journey...

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Childless Support (No Longer TTC)

This is a group for women (no men) who cannot have children. If you are TTC'ing, are pregnant, already have a child (or children), but have "secondary infertility" , or have adopted children, this is not the place for you. Step-parents, foster parents, and those raising their nieces/nephews/siblings/cousins will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Nor is this a "Childfree By Choice" group. Anyone who falls into ANY of those categories will be removed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Cinderella Wears Pants - Smashing the Glass Slipper

We lose our hopes. We lose our dreams. We lose our friends, sometimes family. Our social circle diminishes with every exclusion. It hurts. There are millions, MILLIONS of us all over the globe and if we could just FIND EACH OTHER to offer support, friendship and love, we’d feel less pain. It’s my dream to build a network of women. A strong and empowered network of formidable women who have a new destiny and can’t wait to dream it.

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The Dovecote Community

Connecting, supporting & inspiring people dealing with involuntary childlessness to reconnect with their daily lives and rediscover a passion and purpose. In order keep this community private and safe space for all, requests to join are individually reviewed and approved by Kelly Da Silva. If you are asking to join, please enable and check your private messages to allow me to send you a few initial questions to ensure this community is right for you.

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Femme Sans Enfant

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle donne, depuis 2012, une voix en français à un groupe social encore marginalisé dans la société: les femmes sans enfant par circonstances de la vie et par choix.  Elle est aussi la créatrice du blogue canadien, basé à Montréal, Femme Sans Enfant.

Parallèlement à son travail d’enseignante, elle réalise des entrevues vidéo avec des femmes et des hommes sans enfant par circonstances ou par choix qui, éclairent, rejoignent et touchent les internautes qui la suivent. Elle donne maintenant des conférences au Canada et en Europe afin de parler des défis, enjeux et réalités entourant les vies des sans enfant. Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle est aussi la créatrice de groupes de soutien en français par l’entremise de la plate-forme Meetup à Montréal, Québec, Paris et Bordeaux. 

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Gateway Women

Whether you’re still hopeful of becoming a mother, ready to ‘move on’ and get going with your ‘Plan B’ or flip-flopping wildly in the middle (and it varies from day to day!) you’ve found the right place. The Gateway Women Private Online Community is a very active, compassionate, safe and non-judgmental community. We have members from English-speaking countries from all over the world so it’s active round round the clock. 

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More To Life

If you are childless by circumstance, we can help. Involuntary childlessness is challenging but it is still possible to have a fulfilling life. You may have tried fertility treatment with no success, or considered other family building options  but decided that wasn’t right for you, you may have a partner who doesn’t want to have children, or perhaps you just didn’t find the right person to have a baby with. Whatever your circumstances, we offer support, advice and coping strategies on ways to begin to move forwards and find a way to appreciate and enjoy your life without children. Our support is not just for women. Men matter here too, individually or as part of a couple.

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National Association of Involuntary Childlessness

The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness (NAIC) is a support and research organization committed to bringing awareness and eliminating the stigma impacting the lives of involuntary childless women. In a society that encourages and promotes motherhood, with its current social norms and culture, childlessness can be stigmatizing. Being thrust into infertility, not having a single friend to relate can make a childless woman feel so isolated, broken and alone. Our hope is to empower women to better cope with involuntary childlessness and for loved ones to have a better understanding. 

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The Non-Mum Network

You've heard of Mumsnet...well, this is Mumsnot. Are you a Non-Mum who's ever felt Anon? I've always been into clubbing, but the one club I REALLY wanted VIP entry to was the Mum Club. So I decided to set up my own exclusive members-only club....for Non-Mums only! So if you're childless or childfree, come on in and join us.

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Walking Forward Inspirational Network

We are a business based group so you can network with men and women (mostly women!) who are involuntary childless on any subject. Think of our group as a business networking group without the mumtreprenuers. We keep it private. The network is a safe place for people to vent, confess, cry, and share struggles, so we can help each other the best we can. We show love, compassion and support for people when they are overwhelmed and frustrated. Being an inspirational is not always easy. There are down times too.

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