World Childless Week feels that when we grief the dream of parenthood we can become insular and pull away from the social circles we once knew. To mix in a group that is predominantly full of parents can be daunting, upsetting and push us back towards our insecurities. Childless social groups can act as a stepping stone and help us to see the broader picture again.

Each group swill have it's own definition of being childless so read the groups full description for more information. Many (if not all) will have pre-set entry questions. Your answers help the admins to ensure the group is right for you, and you are right for the group.

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Childless Chit Chat (no ttc talk)

A relaxed trigger free group for those who are Childless NOT By Choice to chat about anything that takes your fancy except children or childless related issues. Share your hobbies, rave about your favourite TV shows, show us your cute furkid piccys, ask for diet advice or moan about the price of cabbages!

"It’s nice to have a place where we can simply talk and be our entire selves. We know we are childless, but we are so much more"! Brandi Higgins Lytle

This is not a group for those still ttc (trying to conceive) or for anyone who has a biological child.

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Childless Chubbies

This is a supportive place for those who are struggling with more belly than they would like. It is a light hearted group, have fun, share frustrations, tips and yes, childless connections when you need (sometimes these will be better in a support group, but just check). We are a new group, so kind and sensible suggestions appreciated! If you’re not kind we may have to ask you to leave.

"A fun group of people who encourage me when I stick to my diet but also commiserate and laugh with me when I don't". Stephanie Phillips

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Childless Homemaking and Homesteading

I have called this group Childless Homesteading because first, I want to create a kid talk free place for men and women in similar situations to talk and share about home life. And "homesteading" because I want to include a wide variety of topics so everyone can benefit. Recipes, cooking, cleaning tips, gardening, farms, pets, sewing, how to get that stubborn spot out of your carpet.... anything!

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Childless Perks!!

A light hearted place for those who are Childless NOT By Choice to smile and have a giggle sharing the perks we are discovering as we travel the path of acceptance.

"A pause button on grief to acknowledge the alternatives and opportunities Plan B can bring"! Tanya

This is not a group for those still ttc (trying to conceive) or for anyone who has a biological child.

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Clem's Garden

Clem's Garden CIC is a new social enterprise which has been set up in Huddersfield. It is run entirely by local volunteers, with a core 'Team Clem' group made up of members who are 50+ and who don't have children or grandchildren to channel their care, skills and experience into.  We also welcome adult volunteers who are under 50 or who have their own family, as 'Friends of Clem's Garden'.

We work together to grow and sell flowers, supporting local charities and community projects with our profits. As well as bringing happiness to the customers who enjoy our beautiful seasonal blooms, we can share pride in the business and the flowers we grow together; and pride in the positive difference they make. We have plenty of laughs too.

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Email Exchange - Not So Mommy

Brandi Lytle has created a different way for those who are childless not by choice to connect.

"Wouldn’t it be amazing if we filled our mailboxes with messages encouraging each other on our childless walk? If you want to get a surprise email, contact me, putting “Email Exchange” in the subject line. I’ll email your first name and email address to another Not So Mommy… friend who has also contacted me to participate in our email exchange".

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Gateway Women Meetup Group

Meetups take place globally and are organised by the members of Gateway Women. Jody Day writes;

It’s time to get a nomo friendship supplement to keep you going and keep you company as you find your identity in a culture that considers childless women as not quite ‘proper’ adults…

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Parents of Paws (childless not by choice)

I'm childless not by choice but I chose to spend my time and extra love taking care of my dog babies. They make me get out of bed some days. They make me laugh and comfort me when I cry. These babies help me heal and I owe them for it.

Feel free to share your pictures, videos, or stories of your furbabies. I love to talk about my furbabies but my other friends just don't understand how much they mean to me, but you can. So enjoy this safe space to post pictures and talk about your furbabies as much as you want.

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