Donating to World Childless Week


World Childless Week is voluntary

All the Champions and Steph donate their time for free and Hello Lovely provided the website build and design as a donation. However there are costs we can't control. Every penny received will be used solely for the benefit of World Childless Week. The initial donations will help with the hosting of the website, the newsletter, webinars and additional sundry costs.

To volunteer your skills, time, an idea for 2019 or be a prize-giver please contact us here


Lynda and Colm
Thank you! World Childless Week last year was the start of my healing journey. It made me and my journey feel normal and part of a community and family. Thank you for campaigning for our place in society and spreading such honest but positive information about our reality.

Berenice Smith and Hello Lovely for the website design, maintenance and branding. 
Dedicated to all the unsung heroes and the two who make her smile.

Miriam Thank you for a wonderful week. Your hard work is appreciated. Looking forward to next year!

Our Champions who donated their time for free: Jody Day, Dr. Robin Hadley, Michael and Vickie Hughes, Vicky Page, Rod Silvers, James Petherick, Meriel Whale, Yvonne John, Kenny Smith, Anne Barratt, Lesley Pyne, Stella Duffy OBE, Prof. Cristina Archetti, Catherine-Emmanuelle Deslisle, Vanida Karun, Yvonne Maier, Sandy Langhart Michelet and Linda Malm.