Why Our Stories Matter by Kate Kaufmann

The stories we tell ourselves and others give form and meaning to our lives. Psychologists know that how we make sense of what happens to us determines our well-being and emotional fortitude.

Yet when our fertile years are packed with disappointment, indecision, and strife, it’s hard to make sense of what’s happening. Our life stories aren’t following their proscribed paths. We’re different than people who are having kids. And often very, very alone.

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Father's Day by Stephanie Phillips

Yesterday when I was in the middle of organising a newsletter for World Childless Week it suddenly clicked that it was Father’s Day for many countries this coming weekend. I realised the importance of acknowledging this day and the range of emotions it can raise for any man who is childless not by choice. Having focused on the history of Mother’s Day earlier this year I decided to follow the same pattern and look into the history of Father’s Day.

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Take a Dance with Me

On Saturday I cautiously tiptoed, in my comfy shoes, into The Barbican for There’s More to Life Than Children. I spotted and overheard two ladies who appeared to be going to the same event and decided to follow them as I had no idea where I was going.

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