World Childless Week Schedule 2019

The idea makes me tremble with nerves but it also makes me smile as I think of us coming together again to unite our voices. Behind the scenes people have already been approaching me with their ideas and offers of support and that makes me go all mushy with emotion whilst at the same time I want to jump up and down and scream about how excited I am. 

So let me kick this off by sharing the details of the week’s daily topics.

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This Time Tomorrow - Stephanie Phillips

Less than one day, less than 24 hours until World Childless Week 2018 starts.

We have seven days ahead of us to raise awareness and help spread the message that there is support available. No one needs to feel alone. This week is about all of us and I need your support to make it happen. Here are a few ways you may be able to help.

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WCW rewind to 2017 - Letter to my Abusive Husband

This article contains sensitive material.

We both wanted children, and we wanted them soon. I was 26 but felt ready for motherhood. You were 7 years older, keen not to be an ‘old dad’, so we planned to start trying as soon as we got married. Our wedding was the whole shebang. White dress, church bells, bridesmaids, photographs, cake and a lovely reception with all of our friends and family.

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WCW rewind to 2017 - Unexplained Infertility

I realized something was wrong when I first started tracking my cycle about six months into the process of try to conceive. My basal body temperatures were much lower than the baseline on the chart I was using. This continued for four cycles until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started on levothyroxine. I thought this must be the problem and thought I had a fix. I was wrong. 

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#IamMe - Cherry Williams

So, there I was trying to book a blogger for a job, when in a moment of glorious serendipity I was redirected to Steph's wonderful website. For those who don't know Steph, she is a bold, brave and frankly fabulous human who set up World Childless Week which supports those that don't have children, not by choice. The support is there all year long and this generosity of spirit inspired me to want to do my bit too.

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WCW rewind to 2017 - Moving Forwards

The day arrived when it was time to stop trying for the family my husband and I had always planned. We were sat in the car outside the hospital where we had just seen a re-occurring miscarriage specialist. It happened again and there was no way I could face another loss. Further health implications would follow but that was the moment I resigned myself to a whole new world of grief. It was far from acceptance. It felt more like a door slammed shut in our faces.

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