Dear little girl

Letter to my unadopted child:

Dear little girl

You're probably out there somewhere, and I hope you've been adopted by a lovely family and that everything is going so well for you. It's strange to think that you could be living with me now, that you'd be taking my surname, that I'd be your forever Mummy.

I'd have loved you so much, little one. I'd have been the best Mummy I could have to you. I'd have shown you the world, in all its glory, bit by bit so you weren't overwhelmed. There's so many special places I would have wanted take you to. Just going to the park around the corner would have been an adventure for us at first. We would have had to get used to each other, because I wasn't your tummy Mummy or your foster Mum, but something else, something different, something good.

You would have been very different to me, and would have liked different things and that would have been totally OK. I'd have helped you to achieve your dreams, not mine. We'd have had tough times, but good times, and lots of fun too. I'd read all about adopting, and I was so excited, and sometimes a little scared too. You'd probably have been feeling the same way, and confused as well. I'd have helped you through it, step by step. 

I hope you have a wonderful life, little girl, and I'll make sure I have one too,

with all my love x