Hi Little One

Hi Little One

I don’t know where you are ~ other than in my heart. You know how much I’ve wanted you. I’ve wanted you to come into this earth through me. I wanted to love and nurture you. I wanted to guide you. I knew that eventually I would have to let you go. You would become a young adult. Yet I was always willing to endure that pain for the joy I would have when you were a child ~ my child.

Here I am - a 45 year young woman and still without you ~ other than in my heart. Choices I’ve made, roads I’ve followed, turns I took all led me here ~ without you in my arms.

I long to hold you, to nurture you, to love you, to care for you ~ to have you here with me ~ other than in my heart. I wonder if you are waiting for me somewhere ~ in limbo ~ waiting to be born. You are a patient soul, my love.

I want to let you go now ~ go to wherever it is that you were meant to be born. So that you can experience this amazing life on our earth. I can do this because I know I will always hold you deep ~ in my heart.

I love you!