World Childless Week 2019

Finding Acceptance and Moving Forward


In time our grief will lessen and we will find new dreams and acceptance. It doesn't mean that we will forget our desire to have been a parent, but it does mean our life can have new perspectives.

We can reflect on how we have moved forward since last year’s World Childless Week. What changes we have made in our life and hear from those who have found acceptance and embraced their Plan B.

World Childless Week Wine/d Down!


We were really keen to hold an ‘end of event’ discussion, after a really long chat between Steph and the Champions, we’ve decided to postpone this event. We absolutely appreciate all that everyone has done for World Childless Week. Every word, every video, every comment, share, retweet and read. We all want to thank you for being part of World Childless Week.

But we know that it’s not a wine/d Down without Steph. She’s now at home and recovering slowly. When she’s feeling better, we shall reschedule this webinar so that we’re all fit and well and we shall return together.

With love from all the Champions and Steph xx

P.S. Listen to our Champions with Steph on the Full Stop podcast. The recording was made before World Childless Week when the team shared their hopes and words of inspiration with presenters Sarah Lawrence, Michael Hughes and Berenice Smith

Your stories on Finding Acceptance and Moving Forwards