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World Childless Week aims to raise awareness of the childless not by choice (cnbc) community. To help the cnbc find support groups that understand their grief and can help them move forwards to acceptance. World Childless Week 2018 starts on 10th September and runs to 16th September.

1 in 3

pregnancies end in miscarriage

1 in 5

women reach 45, childless

48.5 million

couples are childless

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Stephanie Phillips, Founder, World Childless Week 

"Being childless not by choice is the taboo subject of an unrecognised minority. World Childless Week is there to help the cnbc: validate their emotions, find support, build friendships, realise their own worth and find the confidence to speak out and celebrate their uniqueness.  The gap that exists between parents and the childless community needs to be bridged and our grief needs to be recognised and respected."

World Childless Week Champions

Our World Childless Week Champions are the voices who lead by example. They are strong and generous advocates who are selfless in supporting the childless not by choice community through sharing of their work, feelings, and promoting other people's work alongside their own. They join Steph with the goal of making World Childless Week into a global and recognisable campaign that will impact in our community and outside it too. If you share these values and would like to be considered a Champion please contact us.

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Berenice Smith, Founder, Walk In Our Shoes

"It's important to dispell the myths like 'just adopt' and to have honest conversations about infertility. I believe that respectful exchanges between those who can have children naturally and those who can't, gives context and truthes to the statistics. World Childless Week is a critical part of this movement."

Robin Hadley World Childless Week

Dr. Robin Hadley

"I always expected to be a dad. I wanted to be a dad. I was terribly broody in my mid 30’s because I was not a dad. I was jealous, frustrated and angry. Men get broody too. My hope is that man’s drive and need for nurturing and caring is taken seriously. World Childless Week is an excellent platform for men-who-want(ed)-to-be dads to be heard across the globe."


Jody Day, Founder, Gateway Women

"One of the many hidden difficulties of involuntary childlessness can be social isolation. World Childless Week, by bringing together so many different people and organisations amplifies our voices and efforts; in doing so, it makes it more likely that someone struggling in silent grief finally discovers that they're not alone. The lifesaving and life-changing power of connection cannot be underestimated."

Michael Hughes, World Childless Week

Michael Hughes, Married and Childless

"I am one half of a couple who believe they have successfully survived the infertility maelstrom. I believe the shared experience is a powerful tool, giving others the strength to be heard and not to feel so isolated, through my blog. I am passionate about the childless male voice and how we can contribute on the path to acceptance. World Childless Week is vital in bringing our community together and helping others understand."

Michael is based in Australia and with Robin Hadley, will be hosting the World Childless Week day, Men Matter Too on Thursday 13th September.

Vicky Page World Childless Week

Vicky Page

"I'm the latest World Childless Week Champion. I'm a chocolate lover, book reader, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Road trips and good conversation are always fun too. I am trying to live with an open heart  and mind whilst being childless not by choice and moving forward to live the life I have to the fullest. I am based in the Hudson Valley NY. I'm also a public speaker since 2004 and graduate of the Sacred Heart University and previously Mercy College. I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful community."


Rod Silvers and James Petherick, England Expects,  Terry and Jude

"What we admire the most about Stephanie Phillips is that she is giving a voice to those whom have not: World Childless Week supports the childless community to find, courage, strength and determination to make a difference."

Rod Silvers (left) wrote, co-produced and featured in the 2011 film England Expects exploring one man’s journey of IVF. The film inspired him to write the play Terry and Jude which he is co-producing, collaborating and performing in with his fellow actor James Petherick who also appeared in England Expects.


Meriel Whale, Meriel Whale Counselling

"I wanted to be a Mum more than anything else in the world. When I finally realised it was not going to be impossible, I decided to turn my energies towards supporting childless not by choice people and set up my own counselling business."

World Childless Week is important because we need connection, we need to see ourselves reflected in the world and we need to be visible. I'm delighted to be a part of that.



Yvonne John, Dreaming of a Life Unlived

"I am supporting World Childless Week because I feel that it is important for women who are childless not by choice to be heard."

As a woman of colour I have been silenced to the point of being too ashamed to say that I am childless but now I can celebrate the woman that I have become through the power of owning my story.

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Kenny Smith, Walk In Our Shoes

"Male infertility is the side of infertility that's not spoken about. I would like to see a day when men can talk over a pint about infertility without feeling judged, as I've been able to. World Childless Week is a great way place to start getting that support."

Kenny is married to Berenice and is an advocate of honest conversations between men about infertility so expect more on 'talking over a pint with dad mates' on Men Matter Too. He's also a biker and football fan.

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