We Are Worthy by Meriel Whale

I might not be a Mum, but I am still worthy. I contribute to the world in many ways, and these are just some of them:

  • I am a good Auntie and Godmother, and I help all my friends care for their children in different ways. I am a listening ear, a babysitter, a source of knowledge and a loving and fun presence.

  • I teach and counsel children of all ages, many with special needs. I have a particular affinity with children on the autistic spectrum.

  • I help keep my estate litter free.

  • I am a loving friend: I listen, I support, I am fun and often funny! - and I give in many different ways.

  • I am a counsellor for adults, particularly those who are childless not by choice.

  • I make things happen and support my various communities: of childless people, of LGBTQ+ people, of people who live locally.

  • I volunteer.

  • I don’t buy clothes that are made in sweat shops, I am moving towards being vegan and I try and reduce the amount of plastic I use.

  • I care for and love three rescue cats.

But even if I did none of these things, I would still be worthy, exactly as I am. My struggle to be a parent is not related to my worth, my worth is innate and rich, my worth is me. Worth is not something I need to earn, I don’t need to try and be good enough for the world because I don’t have kids. Worth is what I am.

I am worthy and so are you.

Meriel Whale