He can Fix My Childlessness by Stephanie Phillips

The following is an account of a real event. I believe John Alex has been contacting people who have posted or commented on public Facebook pages about being childless. I apologise if anyone has been contacted due to their connection to World Childless Week.


John Alex has claimed he can help me fix my childlessness.

He contacted me via messenger so I decided to find out what I could about him through his Facebook page. I started a conversation with him via his public post  I help barren couples welcome their 1st bouncing baby and enjoy the feeling of being a loving Mom/Dad I wanted to find out exactly who he is, what he claims he can do and how much it will cost.

I had a long conversation with him which included him asked me if I thought he was a scammer. He has now deleted the conversation and I know exactly who and what I think he is, but will let you make up your own mind by sharing a few of the points that were discussed.

One of his first declarations was

I am a consultant in the field of mind powers.

Having taken a scroll of his timeline I asked him if he was a parent, to which he answered no. I asked why he had previously posted “I just can’t wait to start taking my kids and their beautiful mom all around the world” to which he replied

That was only a product of my imagination.

Do you think I am a bloody scam?

We carried on (without an apology for the swearing) and he explained

OK, well, actually I’m new in the field of consulting, that’s why am looking to create some fresh results with clients to generate honest testimonials and establish my credibility as a consultant.

The conversation continued and he confirmed that in reality he has helped no one and asked if I’d be his first case study. He explained it is what I believe that makes me infertile, not the condition itself. That God can help.

It’s called working with your mind to create miracles you never thought possible. I may only be an instrument for God to use in your life.

As his first case study he said

I’m not saying I will help you. You will help yourself with the things I’m going to teach you about your mind, how it functions and how to harness its powers. Its totally up to you whether you are going to apply my principles. But if you do, then I can assure you that your God will help you, not me.

I asked for more details in case I wanted to recommend him and he told me the introductory price might cost up to USD3000. As soon as I mentioned I had a business page on a website he responded with

The value I’m offering will be invaluable to a lot of women, so whether it is $5k or $10k, I don’t think it will mean that much to a woman who will do anything just to carry her own child in her arms. But again, I am not about the money, I just want to create some MIND BLOWING results.  

After a few more comments he said

Like I always say, its not me who will do the work. I will only be the medium through which the work will be done. If only you are committed and will do as I instruct then we can sit down and wait for a miracle baby. Its really that simple.

At this point the conversation ended as I informed him that unsolicited messages and promises of miracles were cruel. I provided him with some childless statistics and asked him to do his research. I requested he didn’t contact anyone else and also gave him a link to Childless in a Christian Church in the hope he may read it and realise the cruelty behind his intentions.


Sadly his actions are not unusual as there are multiple people trying to make a quick buck out of other people’s misery. I have a lot of thoughts and names in my head about him, his values and actions but instead of sharing them with you I will leave the final words to John as expressed on his website.

Hmm! OK, So What’s Your Level Of Education? What Are Your Qualifications? And Why Should I Listen To You?

Well, I dropped out of school. So you can as well chose not to listen to me.

Is that all you have to say about that?

Yes, that’s all. Like I said earlier, you can choose to either listen to a dropout or not.

Stephanie Phillips

Founder, World Childless Week