I found the perfect sperm donor but I never got my happy ending by Bibi Lynch

I think it was 2010. I think it was spring. I think I was wearing double-denim. I know I was sitting on my friend’s sofa trying to buy sperm.

Actual sperm.

Long painful story made short… I, like 80% of women who are childless not by choice, was a ‘victim’ of social infertility: I could physically have babies, but I never met the man I wanted to father them.

I’d always wanted the whole beautiful package (am aware I could’ve worded that better) and thought life would still find me and I’d meet someone and have my babies.

But that didn’t happen.

What did happen was my dad died and that ‘circle of life’ grief pushed me to make the decision.

Yes, not having a relationship would hurt me, but not having a baby would kill me. So, I went to my GP to talk about IVF. I was going to do it on my own. I can do this!

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