World Childless Week 16-22 Sep 2019

World Childless Week aims to raise awareness of the childless not by choice (cnbc) community. To help the community to find support groups that understand their grief and can help them move forwards to acceptance. It's for anyone who is childless despite their longing to be a parent because they have never been pregnant (for any reason), not carried full term or have suffered the sadness of a baby born sleeping. All our Champions and founder Steph, represent our audience.

We are here for you through the year, we get louder in September

1 in 3

pregnancies end in miscarriage

1 in 5

women reach 45, childless

48.5 million

couples are childless


Stephanie Phillips, Founder, World Childless Week 

"Being childless not by choice is the taboo subject of an unrecognised minority. World Childless Week is there to help the cnbc: validate their emotions, find support, build friendships, realise their own worth and find the confidence to speak out and celebrate their uniqueness.  The gap that exists between parents and the childless community needs to be bridged and our grief needs to be recognised and respected."

World Childless Week Champions

Our World Childless Week Champions are the voices who lead by example and join us by invitation. They are strong and generous advocates who are selfless in supporting the childless not by choice community through sharing of their work, feelings, and promoting other people's work alongside their own. The Champions are comprised of speakers, creatives, writers, academics and bloggers, based across the world, representing diverse ethnicities, disabilities, genders and sexual orientation. They join Steph with the goal of making World Childless Week into a global and recognisable campaign that will impact in our community and outside it too.