We Are Worthy, links we love and I Am Me!

Today we've shared the words from those who contacted the website each day and wanted to use our platform to write their words.

Throughout the weeks to come and starting from today, we've compiled the links to sites who are also sharing content that the team and Champions think you'll love to read because the creator writes to our daily theme.

If you pop over, do let them know that you read about them on World Childless Week

Today you were hosted by Michael Hughes whose website is here and Berenice Smith who invites you to write and share a feet selfie at Walk In Our Shoes and tell the world in confidence about what you’ve learned during World Childless Week.

We published I AM ME! Here’s the gallery

Steph and Jody Day contributed to an article in the Canterbury New Zealand which you can read here

Gateway Women published this last year on getting over the feelings of not having children and worth.

On Resolve in the USA, Steph was featured talking about World Childless Week. See below for her comments.