The Facts of Life by Paula Knight

When I received Paula’s book The Facts Of Life I was not sure how I felt. Could I get to grips with a life story in the form of a comic book, because that was how I first perceived it? Could the storyline be as engrossing as a fully scripted book?

The simple answer is yes, and being illustrated throughout gave it a whole new dimension. Not only was I taking in the words but the images expressed exactly how Paula remembered the scene. The stages of her story did not need to be imagined but came to life in front of my eyes. Her story was not fiction, it was fact, and the images expressed and reinforced the script.  

I could recognize and relate to numerous situations; the clumsy comments, emotional tides and unsaid words. I sat up and paid attention when Paula reflected on women and how they have been perceived and treated over time. That was thought provoking. I loved how the book started with the planting of the saplings but held onto their meaning until later in the book.

I hope that the winner of Paula’s book (announced below) will find it as enjoyable as I did. To by a copy please click here.

Stephanie Phillips

Founder, World Childless Week

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The competition question set by Paula Knight was:

Woman's value and worth to society is often measured by their relationship to children: please tell me briefly one thing (however small) unrelated to children or childcare that makes you a valuable person.

Paula found it hard to chose between several answers but finally decided on the following answer by Krista H.

I'm trying to leave the earth better than it was when I was here. I had hoped it would be through raising children, but instead, I'm saving the bees.


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