We Are Worthy survey results

How worthy do you feel? Rate your worth from 0-10

Number of responses: 464

Please explain why you do or don't feel worthy.

Number of responses: 385

The vast majority of answers referred directly to being childless and perhaps that was to be expected when the survey was for World Childless Week. Most of the responses expressed feeling unworthy as a direct reflection of being childless.

Whilst those answers are important and valid I want to share some of the answers that reflected the positives that people expressed to describe their worth.

I feel worthy because I know I have things to offer those around me and the world.

I’ve learnt that my worth is not tied to my ability to procreate but is about me only and the kind of person I am and how I live and contribute to those around me

We are all individual and unique; we all have worth.

Because having kids doesn’t change yourself worth

I feel worthy because I am a compassionate and nurturing woman

I feel 100% because I do not need a child/children to define me as a person. Or make me feel worthy. I am worthy on my own merit.

I believe everyone is worthy & has equal value

I live. I matter. So what, I don’t have kids?

Everyone is worthy. Everyone. We are all just doing our best to cope with the ups and downs of this crazy thing called life. Most of us are trying to be good people who do some good in the world.

Because I am enough in this life being me and don’t place my worth on whether I have kids or not.

I am very proud of what I have achieved in the face of adversity

I believe I'm a good human, regardless if I'm a parent or not.

Think of someone who is childless not by choice and tell me their traits that make them worthy as a human being.  

Number of responses: 359

When asked to share the traits of others that makes them worthy the emphasis of the answers completely changed. Reflecting on others we saw them for who they are and not their childlessness. People saw past the label and looked at the person. They saw their worth and positive words were repeated over and over again.


Compassionate, giving, funny, curious, reliable, creative, thankful, understanding, caring, honest, listens, warm, loving, kind, good listener, funny, generous, strong, fun, empathetic, courageous, independent, thoughtful, respectful, humorous, cheerful, attractive, warm, considerate, friendly, hard working, passionate, creative, solution-finder, happy, radiant, personable, kind, supportive, wise, strong, intelligent, generous, present, resilient, empathetic, patient, organised, self-sufficient, loving, persistent, dependable, strong, kind, active, energetic, curious, giving back, taking everyone into account, bringing people together, offering different and fresh views, fighting for others and their rights, and her own rights, bold, fearless, no nonsense, strongly feeling, beautiful and 

…. a gift and blessing to the world and everyone who is lucky enough to know her

Now think of yourself and tell me your traits that make you worthy as a human being.

Number of responses: 350

Having taken the time to see the positives in other childless people the survey participants now reflected those positives on themselves. Sometimes we need to step back and take a look in the mirror at our reflection and see who we are without any labels attached.


Because I contribute altruistically to make the world a better place.

Friend, daughter, aunty, cousin, cat-mum, teacher, life coach, gardener, reader, nature lover, cook, neighbour

I am caring, empathic, helpful, thoughtful, and I contribute to society though my job and voluntary organisations. My husband, and dog, in particular, value me and like having me around.

I'm nice I promise

I'm a really good friend. I'm compassionate, smart enough, thoughtful, and sometimes brave.

I am creative, original, and I have a great time making videos and going on adventures with my wife. And I am also good at thinking of zinger reasons why parenthood is not the key to happiness.

I am positive and try to support other people's plans or ambitions. I think everyone should be encouraged in the things they do. I am non-judgemental about people and take them as I find them, even if I find them a bit odd sometimes!

I want others to be happy and feel valued. I try to treat other people with respect and see their best side.

I care for others. I care for me. I love to play, I love to create space for others to be creative. I am a great cook and enjoy it when others enjoy my cooking. I am thoughtful. Respectful. I try to treat people without judgement. I care for my community, for earth. I am kind to animals. I am in awe when I am part of nature and see how we share this world with other beings than just human beings.

I'm compassionate and deliberately grow that trait. I work to improve myself as a person. I create with my crafting to please myself and others. I love my spoilt cat. (I feel sorry for people who can't love their pet as much as a child). I enjoy sharing my sense of humour and making those around me laugh and feel happy. I have a great memory and a keen intellect.

I try to make a difference day to day, expressing kindness and thoughtfulness.

I'm always told I'm a wonderful friend even by people that don't know me well. I'm empathetic of others feelings. I'm a living breathing organisism. I'm give love willingly

I'm a positive person who tries to bring joy into other people's lives. I'm stronger because of all that has happened to me. I'm a courageous warrior and a survivor who wants to help others with their struggles in life, especially infertility.

I am alive. I am breathing. I love and desire love. I have much to give to others, and need to receive from others. I am worthy because Jesus came down from heaven to show me love. He died for me so that I can have eternal life with Him. I am worthy simply because I am alive.

5 years ago I would have left this section blank as I thought I was a really horrible person, but my inner bitch is no longer in control. I'm a caring, kind and compassionate women who works hard and always try to help others. I get involved within the community, I'm conscientious, respect others, have a lot of love to give, am honest and trustworthy. I love animals and try to protect the environment from damage.

Ah, I see what you did there. Pretty much the same: good person, cares for others, cares about their environment, cares about issues that impact others. I'd add to that fierce love for my imperfect family, friends. Sometimes I think I care too much, take onboard too much, I need to understand I can't fix it for everyone.

How worthy do you feel now? Rate your worth from 0-10

Number of responses: 418

Having changed all of the figures into percentages to ensure an equal comparison, the chart shows that after the survey participants felt their self worth has increased.

The blue line indicates personal worth before answering the questions

The yellow line indicates personal worth after answering the questions

Rate your worth from 0 to 10