Who I am by Linda Rooney

When Linda sent me her #IamME photo I was linked back to her website No Kidding in NZ and found her amazing blog "Who I Am" (2012). It held such a strong link with #IamME that I asked her permission to share it with you today.

Stephanie Phillips, founder, World Childless Week

When in doubt about something to blog, my usual solution is to resort to a list.  I saw this idea on another blog, loved it, and so here is my version.

100 things that emphasise who I am, rather than who I am not. 100 things that have nothing to do with infertility.  100 things you might not know about me.

1. Wife

2. Daughter

3. Sister  (middle child)

4. Aunt (to 10 nieces and nephews)

5. Great-aunt (argh!)

6. Niece and cousin

7. Daughter-in-law (even if slightly resentful)

8. Sister-in-law

9. Friend

10. Feminist

11. Mentor

12. Counsellor (unofficially)

13. Volunteer

14. Bereaved cat owner (I miss Cleo and Gershwin)

15. Cat lover (we’ll get more cats one day)

16. Farm-girl (well, I was in my childhood)

17. Blogger

18. Writer

19. Reader (literary fiction mainly, but occasionally and shamefully trashy sci-fi or fantasy or chick lit)

20. Letter-writer (when I get round to it)

21. Procrastinator

22. Worrier

23. Pianist

24. Flautist (less accomplished than on piano)

25. Fan of Beethoven

26. Cook (and pretty good when I pay attention)

27. Regular exerciser (though not for fun)

28. An athlete covered by a non-athlete’s body  (where did that come from)

29. Ice-cream lover (ahh – that explains #28)

30. Wino (ditto #29)

31. Lover of good coffee (Wellington coffee can’t be beaten)

32. One woman crusader against Starbucks

33. Vegetable lover  (vegetables over fruit)

34. Sudoku whizz

35. Cross-worder (at times cryptic)

36. Kenken beginner

37.Addicted to the computer

38. Traveller (45 countries so far)

39. Allergic to economy class (that’s what I try and tell my husband anyway.  And it's tough when we live so far from the rest of the world!)

40. Navigator and map-reader (You can’t always trust GPS)

41. Travel planner (personally, in my own business that I hope to re-launch soon (watch this space), and also for family as a  Christmas gift)

42. International businessperson

43. Grammar enthusiast (not an expert though)

44. Lover of words

45. Thai speaker (wish I was better)

46. Mandarin speaker (I’ve forgotten a lot)

47. School-girl French speaker with unfulfilled dreams of being fluent

48. Self-taught Spanish speaker

49. Wannabe other language speaker with smatterings of Japanese and German

50. New Zealander

51. Adopted Wellingtonian

52. Former Thai schoolgirl and AFS Exchange Student

53. Former resident of Bangkok (my second home)

54. Diplomat (formerly by title, always  - !!! -  by nature)

55. Self-employed (closer to unemployed)

56. Company director

57. International Marketing Consultant

58. Strong leader (according to the staff at my company)

59. Follower of the VPMS - volcano paper management system

60. Teacher

61. Post-grad educated

62. Intelligent

63. Possessor of common-sense (I’m not delusional; two of my bosses have confirmed this)

64. Good listener (I hope)

65. Empathetic

66. Patient

67. Impatient (with the in-laws, and my mother, and people with bad grammar)

68. Cynical

69. Loyal

70. Tall

71. Green-eyed

72. Pale-skinned

73. Freckled

74. Wavy-haired

75. Prematurely grey under the natural brown

76. Trying to lose weight

77. Very right-handed

78. A little bit shy

79. Telephone-detester

80. Internet-lover

81. iPad fan

82. Low in Vitamin D

83. Scared of heights

84. Slightly claustrophobic

85. Crier at sadmovies/moving moments/victory ceremonies/soppy ads, etc

86. Amateur photographer

87. Photo-book addict

88. Maker of cards

89. Lover of architecture

90. Wannabe interior decorator

91. Peri-menopausal

92. Sufferer of trigeminal neuralgia

93. Hater of mornings (yet lover of sunrises)

94. Filled with still unfulfilled potential

95. Nervous of earthquakes

96. Wearing leopard print slippers

97. Suffering from a cold

98. Pretty happy

99. A lover of lists

100. Not actually called Mali


Linda Rooney