World Childless Week 2019

Letters From Our Hearts - Forgiving Ourselves


This year’s letters are about forgiveness; not about forgiving others but looking inwards and forgiving ourselves. It can be so easy to place blame and anger and leave it there without addressing the issue.

I left it too late, I should have tried one more time, I should have gone for it on my own, I could have tried a different health gimmick, I should have borrowed the money, lost the weight, stayed in the relationship etc etc. Until we accept the past and forgive ourselves for any decisions or actions we may (or may not) have made, it can be hard to move forwards.

On Tuesday we will be sharing letters of forgiveness with you.

The Self Compassionate Heart with Jody Day


To coincide with "Letters from our Hearts: Forgiving Ourselves" Jody Day of Gateway Women will be leading a free 1-hour webinar on the topic of self-compassion.

How working with it can really improve our relationship with ourselves, and help us stop beating ourselves up about some aspects of our childless 'story'.

Jody Day

To find out more information and register for this webinar please click here

Welcome to Tuesday’s World Childless Week and ‘Letters From Our Hearts’