Why I'm a World Childless Week Champion by Berenice Smith

‘The excitement of World Childless Week was palpable way back in May! From the conversations over the two days I was in London, I knew that World Childless Week will inspire, educate with honesty and originality. It also matters to me that my site, Walk In Our Shoes, is linked to a brand with integrity.’ Find out why Berenice is proud to be a World Childless Week Champion.

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Walking Past Father's Day - Kenny Smith

My dad passed away ten years ago. When he was alive, for the majority of his life he was cared for by my mum after he had a motorbike accident. Before the accident, we were never a family for commercial celebrations and he wasn't the sort whom the cards wanted to pay homage to anyway. He had four sons and I'm the eldest. Two of us are childlessness. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed being part of the lives of my now grown-up nieces and nephews, turning up on my motorbike to see them, and meantime working hard so I could travel the world and buy a house.

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Leaving a Legacy

Yesterday I attended Fertility Fest in London and participated in The Unborn Child. Tessa Broad read aloud the first chapter of her book Dear You: A Letter to my Unborn Children and Tina Reid talked about and then showed us her collection of Photos I’ll Never Take. Their words and images were deeply thought provoking.

I recognized their dreams and desires. Not the big moments but the small incidental moments in time that can cement a small but precious memory. They reminded me of my own “what ifs.” What would I have taught my children, what moments in time would we have cherished, what memories would I hold in my heart and what photos would fill the frames on my wall.

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