We Are Worthy - Berenice Smith, Walk In our Shoes

What did you do today? Did you do any of these things?

  • Checked in with a friend or relative online, face to face or by phone
  • Took a picture to share
  • Thanked someone
  • Remembered to do something nice for yourself or someone else
  • Made a charity donation
  • Shared a post online
  • Walked a dog
  • Petted a cat
  • Made someone laugh
  • Signed up to an event
  • Cuddled a person or an animal
  • Admired a building or a view
  • Made a drink or some food for someone
  • Held open a door

I could continue this list forever. These are examples that I have collected, from social media, of how we make a difference to ourselves and others. If you haven’t done one of these things, go and do one now, you’ll feel better!

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