Guest post - Robyn Jamieson-Voss

A review by Robyn Jamieson-Voss on "Why are so many of our political leaders childless"? by Kathy Gyngell in The Conservative Woman, 8th March 2018

This is an awful article! The writer is clearly a pro-natalist, and figures that the only noble thing to do is have children, and at that, assumes the least of those of us who do not have children. How awful that 60% of Europe is living in countries that have leaders who are childless (the world will surely end because of it)! She assumes that childless adults are detached from family life (as if the ONLY definition of family is that with children), and that we have no personal tie to the next generation.

Let me assure you that being childless (whether by choice or not by choice) does not mean that these people hate children, have no vested interest in the future, or have no concept of family life. Childless adults do not go about their lives without concern for the consequences of our actions. In fact, many childless adults are very invested in children's lives, through their nieces and nephews, and friends' children, or through charity organizations, or teaching and coaching children. We have every reason to care about our world as much as any parent does.

It is this judgmental, condescending perspective that is the reason that I use my voice to share my journey as a childless woman, to share that I grieve my unborn children, and continue to find value and meaning in my FAMILY of two with my three fur babies. Yes, my family of two is every bit as much of a family as everyone else's (but Google the word "family", and see what kind of pictures come up....I assure you, we aren't represented).

Some of the comments below the article are no better - there are a lot of people who think that childless adults have no concern for the future, and that we are completely clueless. Disgusting...

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