#Flip The Script - Stronger Than You Know

Last week I was still struggling with what to post each day during the American NIAW. I wanted to represent those of us who would never achieve the dream of being a parent and show that World Childless Week was there to support people throughout the year.

I was aware that NIAW was using #flipthescript throughout the week which immediately made me think of flipping the script from a negative to a positive. The only problem was that although I had the spark of an idea, I had been struggling to put pen to paper.

Whilst everything was mulling around in my head I went out for a walk to take some photos of my feet for a project being organized by Berenice Smith of Walk in Our Shoes. As I wandered around I came across a few patches of forget me nots. It was wonderful to see them and warmed my heart because I now automatically link the flowers to World Childless Week. All that it had achieved and all of the people involved. The flowers were beside a compost bin and showing their resilience to keep growing against any odd. They seemed to be shouting at me;

"we will not forget the childless and the children they dreamt of”

The following day I logged on to Facebook and the first thing I saw was a picture of some forget me not seeds starting to sprout. My heart flipped. How amazing that these small seedlings could mean so much. Twice within twenty four hours the forget me nots were there to remind me of their significance to World Childless Week and the childless not by choice. They started to shout at me again;

“come on, sort your head out, you need to do something”

So I did. I messaged the poster and asked if I could share the picture and accompanying words which had been posted in the childless not by choice social group, Childless Homemaking and Homesteading. The lady was kind enough to grant me permission.

Within a few hours I had managed to sort my head out and had written not just the post for today but for two more days of the week. If I wake up tomorrow I know what I need to do. Take a walk and look at those flowers again. Perhaps they'll congratulate me making a start but I somehow think it will be more along the lines of

“Get back to your desk; you’ve still another four days to write about!”

So the #flipthescript message for today and every day that follows is that we will not be ignored or forgotten. Just like those forget me nots that decided to grow and flower outside of the compost bin we will return each year. We will be noticed because we are resilient, we have a voice and we are #strongerthanyouknow

Stephanie Phillips

Founder of World Childless Week