#Flip The Script - Reach Out and Connect

On Monday during World Childless Week we showed that the childless are in every corner of the world. In the UK 1 IN 5 women remain childless at the age of 45 and that percentage is on the increase. A recent study showed that whilst 10% are childless by choice (childfree) the remaining 90% are childless not by choice. Our numbers are rising and yet we are still a largely unrecognised minority which leaves many of us thinking that we are alone.

So today’s #flipthescript is: "reach out and connect”

I realised I was not alone when I discovered online support groups. I built friendships and have been privileged enough to meet with some of these people face to face. I have met people in Devon, The West Midlands, London and my home county of Worcestershire. I have met someone from America and next month will be meeting a couple from Australia.

Only a couple weeks ago I met up with a lovely lady for the first time and the first thing we did was hug, then hug again, and again and again. We had chatted numerous times via messenger and Zoom but it was so incredibly wonderful to see her face in front of me as we chatted away and the hours flew by.

Jody Day the founder of Gateway Women has instigated the creation of numerous Meet Up groups around the World for the childless community. Everyone is welcome and people of all ages with different stories attend.   

There are events that happen throughout the year that bring together the childless not by choice community. Next month Fertility Fest is taking place in London at the Bush Theatre from Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th May. Over the course of the six days there are several events that give the opportunity to meet others from our community. I'm attending There’s “More To Life” Than Having Children on the Wednesday and The Unborn Child on Saturday and excited at the prospect of meeting more people from our childless comunity. 

I hope that the World Childless Week website will gradually fill up with more opportunites for us to socialise. If you know of an event specific to the childless community please email the details through and I’ll add it to the World Childless Week events page.

So go grab yourself an opportunity to make and build friendships. Look at the support groups, think about the Meetups and consider attending an event taking place near you.

Remember you are not alone #reachoutandconnect.

Stephanie Phillips

Founder of World Childless Week