#FlipTheScript To Your Future - Stephanie Phillips on NIAW

When Stephanie found out she would never have children her world flipped upside down. She didn’t feel like she fit in anywhere and didn’t know what to do. Her head was filled with questions that whirled around in her mind. Stephanie felt like she was stuck in the middle, floating in limbo between those who were trying to be a parent and those who had already succeeded. Her future was no longer how she envisioned but was dark and foreboding. The hopeful glimmer of motherhood she’d seen had been snubbed out. Stephanie felt alone.

Things have changed over the last twelve years. Stephanie is still childless but she has seen that glimmer of hope come back. It was just a different glimmer from a different direction, one that she hadn’t envisioned; one that she didn’t know existed.

Stephanie says those twelve years were not always great and filled with fun. There were dark moments and dark days filled with sadness, anger, bitterness and denial. Black clouds didn’t just hover above her head during those first few years but swamped around her and held her tight.

So, what changed?

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