The Men's Room - a new beginning

Yesterday World Childless Week Champions, Michael Hughes and Robin Hadley, recorded their conversation about what it's like to be a man and never experience fatherhood in The Men's Room. And in the words of Robin, it was 'ground breaking'.

This completely unique event was entirely men only. None of the Champions or the WCW team are aware of any conversation online that's specifically about male infertility and involuntary childlessness, run by men for men. 

The idea was created by Michael and encouraged by Steph, and came to be when Robin joined us as a World Childless Week Champion. After conversations across the world (Michael is based in Australia and Robin is in the UK), a lot of promoting online and some Zoom training by Jody Day from Gateway Women, this truly World Childless Week team effort took shape and we're all thrilled by the results.

Robin commented that: "As part of WCW Michael Hughes and I met in 'The Men's Room' to talk about our own experiences of being involuntary childless men. Through open hearted chat we chatted, laughed and cried as covered a wide range of issues: from how and why it is hard for men to talk and how other people often negatively view involuntary childless men. Other men joined us and contributed questions and suggestions via chatbox message. I am proud and honoured to have had a heart to heart talk with another man about male involuntary childlessness. To all men who want(ed) to be a dad but aren't - you are not alone."

It's a little sobering because it became clear from the emails post-event that men have waited a long time to talk. Why did men have to wait for so long! But everyone is excited because World Childless Week is thrilled to be the creator of this event, and deservedly so as Michael and Robin really did put their heart and soul into this event . As those who were in the audience  (alongside Kenny Smith from Walk In Our Shoes), will know, we have made a great platform on which to build more support for men regardless of sexuality and got a conversation going. Michael summed it up after the event by saying he was, "still buzzing from discussing being a childless man with Dr Robin Hadley in 'The Mens Room' discussion for WCW. It's exciting to think where we can take the male voice and support our brothers around the world."

What next? 

The final video will be shown as part of World Childless Week's Men Matter Too day which will be on Thursday 13th September when the entire website and all social media is handed over to the unsung heroes, the men behind childlessness. To get involved in this first for WCW, you can write, create or record and share on our site or pop over a link to us with your site so we can share your voice.

Michael and Robin believe that this event is the start of something new and where it goes next is down to our audience.  Get it touch with the team or them via WCW by clicking here. You can also follow Michael on Twitter and Robin too. They would love to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared their questions.