National Dog Day - why pets matter

The Champions have had all manner of pets in their lives, from beloved cats and dogs to feathered friends. Often adopting a pet can be the start of coming to terms with a different life or they've been strength during times of grief.

World Childless Week champion, Berenice wrote movingly about her dog Molly who is labrador/lurcher cross whom she and Kenny rehomed from a rescue shelter after their journey through IVF came to an end; 'Throughout our IVF we talked about a 'NED' - Non Existent Dog, what we'd do and where we would go. Of course life with a dog is not so simplistic as dogs have their own behaviours, likes and dislikes...'. You can read the article in full here.

Has a pet helped you? We would love to hear from you on our Finding Acceptance and Moving Forward day which takes place on 16th September 2018. To find to how to take part click here

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