Why I'm a World Childless Week Champion by Vicky Page

This might seem hard to believe but I’ve never met any of the Champions in person at least not yet anyway. My hope is that this changes very soon!

I met this hard working dedicated group through the opportunities that social media provides. Facebook Skype, and Zoom connected me to this group of wonderfully talented and dedicated people who are all committed to the vision that Stephanie has created. For me that means being childless should no longer be a taboo subject.

It feels I known Steph all my life. A mutual friend put us in contact when I was looking for a group to and a place to actually talk about my desire to have a child, but it was not medically possible. I felt comfortable writing my reactions because she is so warm and non-judgmental. Soon we messaged and skyped regularly. She was a sister from another continent.

I was thrilled to hear about her plans for a 2018 World Childless Week. I was able to contribute last year but I soon realised, that at present America offered very few resources for the childless. So, I told Stephanie I wanted to help change that, so she invited me to be a part of the team!

I met Michael and his lovely wife through Facebook. I adore their blog, Married and Childless. I thought It was brave of him to come into an area where women largely discuss the emotions of being childless. I was found out that I was 100 percent wrong about Michael. He not only knew his emotions, he has expressed them so well! I agree that as a public speaker myself in the States. Michael should be a public speaker! I will do everything in my power to make sure of the champions get heard in the U.S.A. I know consider him and wife Vickie good friends of mine, who believe the same things I do, we are all worthy.

Berenice and I met in a zoom on-line chat late last year. Her commitment to the mission and this group formed a friendship quite honestly, she makes me laugh. She has taught me to continue to take my work seriously, but not every aspect of life. I’m so glad that Kenny her husband has joined us this year. Men Matter Too.

I’ve yet to met Jody Day. I read her book Living The Life Unexpected and learned so much, but it was not until I saw her on youtube doing a 23-minute speech for WOW on being the crazy cat lady because she happened to be single and childless. I learned but mostly I cried from laughter because I could relate so well!

Much as been made of the term childless in competing arenas. I get that and wrestled with myself but like Steph has shared. Why not just be honest and come together to create something largest minority globally can be heard and understood in the media, I hope as World Childless Week Champions. We can make a community unite and fearlessly (not all “less” words seem negative) so we can walk into a world where being part of the childless community doesn’t hold any stigma. I believe the World childless week can reach so many of us. I’m childless and worthy.