Poem for My Children by Penny Treble

This poem’s for you, our children,
For you are the meaning of life,
From the day of your conception,
To the smiles of your Midwife.

Your first smiles were so special.
But, nothing can compare
To the first time you said “Dad” and “Mum”
We felt like millionaires.

We often think of happy times,
When you would squeal with glee.
Like taking you to Nanna’s,
Where you’d bounce on Grandad’s knee.

We watched your first little wobbly steps,
And comforted when you cried.
For every little achievement,
We felt a parent’s pride.

BUT, when the morning comes around,
We’re left with broken dreams.
Our ‘children’ vanish with the night,
And life is as it seems.
It SEEMS that I’m infertile.
It SEEMS we can’t conceive.
The I.V.F. just didn’t work,
And again, we both must grieve.

Still, late at night we wonder,
“Would it be so bad?”
If our dreams just once came true
And we’d be MUM and DAD.

Penny Treble