On Friday 15th September, Steph asked about worth and wrote a very moving introduction to this day. You can read this here.

Walk In Our Shoes wrote about worth.Read about the 105 year old woman who planted 300 trees. Countess Drusilla wrote about worthy here and The Mother Within also blogged about reclaiming our narrative

A Meaningful Life Without Kids

Chrisoula Sirigou

Can life be meaningful and full of purpose without having children? This was a question I was recently asked. Are children the major gift in life that makes us feel worthy and of value to the world we live in? I believe in children and children is our future. They are gifts that bless some people’s lives but not others. Life is abundant with gifts, motherhood is one of them.

Is having children one part that defines who we are because who we are is much bigger than the role of being a loving mother or father?

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I am

The journey to accepting infertility is a journey that is either separate from or intertwined with new dreams. Some dream new dreams and some allow dreams to pass away and create a new reality apart from anything they envisioned. For some of us we embark on the adoption journey-some are successful and some aren’t, for others of us we embrace the childless life and all that it entails; and some of us are trying to accept our infertility and discern adoption or foster care. Our lives are different from most people for many reasons no matter which path we choose to follow or is chosen for us for one reason or another. 

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We are all diamonds!

It has been heart breaking reading all the stories this week. There is so much pain and anger and I find all of it relatable too. I know it’s a personal journey that unfortunately all of us childless not by choice must go through.

I made the tough decision a few years ago to stop IVF treatment, Endometriosis and numerous other issues resulted in three failed IVF cycles. This among other things resulted in the breakdown of the marriage. So, I found myself single and over 40 with a whole set of challenges ahead.

I now feel I have accepted my fate, therapy helped and it is now “unfortunate”. I am not being punished, it isn’t every woman’s God given right to be a mother but above all I AM WORTHY.

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Aunty Margaret

On occasion I find myself face to face with the daunting question of the future. What happens if I outlive my lovely spouse and make is to old age alone? Who will be there to see I don’t suffer neglect or abuse if I need care or help? I would like to share a positive true story.

When I was six I was lucky enough to move next door to a lovely elderly lady known in the neighbourhood as Aunty Margaret. Everyone loved her and she had lived in her home since the 1940’s. She was a loveable Nana-type figure. You would always find her baking and gardening. Her pure white hair was kept in pristine condition and she always smelled of sweet lavender soap. In her 60’s, 70’s and 80’s she could still outrun a speeding ice-cream van for 3 blocks in her knitted slippers.

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