We are all diamonds

It has been heart breaking reading all the stories this week. There is so much pain and anger and I find all of it relatable too. I know it’s a personal journey that unfortunately all of us childless not by choice must go through.

I made the tough decision a few years ago to stop IVF treatment, Endometriosis and numerous other issues resulted in three failed IVF cycles. This among other things resulted in the breakdown of the marriage. So, I found myself single and over 40 with a whole set of challenges ahead.

I now feel I have accepted my fate, therapy helped and it is now “unfortunate”. I am not being punished, it isn’t every woman’s God given right to be a mother but above all I AM WORTHY.

Just because I haven’t had children does not make me less of a woman.

I have had to suffer the pain month after month of having my heart broken, this I know makes me a STRONG person to be able to do it all again time after time. I have had the torture of treatment, drugs, injections, examinations, and lots of jiggery pokery to try and be a mother.

I have done everything I can think of to assist that process. That makes me know I am DETERMINED. I have had to revaluate my life, my dreams my plans and try to decide who I am and what I want to do now, this shows me I am ready to accept a challenge and a change and deal with it.

I have gone through so much on this journey to get here, I DESERVE to be here, I DESERVE to be heard also as do we all.

We should stand tall and hold our heads high because only those in our situation will understand, and that makes us special. Just remember that if you apply enough pressure on a lump of coal it will become a diamond.

Childless and everything that goes along with that has made us all diamonds.