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World Childless Week Competition

Six authours have generously offered free copies of their books to support World Childless Week. The competition is completely free and you can enter as many or as few as you wish.

All answers are anonymous and only the details of each winner will be forwarded to the authors.

Good luck, you can enter the competition here

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Imagine having your own team of honest childless aunties, wise childfree godmothers, and savvy experts describe life's options and challenges when you don't have kids. Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No weaves together perspectives of non-moms aged twenty-four to ninety-one, a growing body of research, and the author's own story into a practical guide to what life without kids can entail.

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From the playgrounds of Glasgow to the villages of Bangladesh; from religious rites to ancient superstitions; from the world's richest people to its powerless and enslaved, Lorna Gibb's masterful Childless Voices paints a global portrait of people without children. Brilliantly grouped by thematic commonality (Those who long, Those who were denied, Those who Choose, etc) the book is a testament to the power of listening, and the power of sharing stories. It is an essential, moving and surprising book on a subject which touches everyone.

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Kids Life Coach, Zelna Zeal, sheds light on the painful issue of what it means to have a fundamental choice taken away – the choice of being a biological parent. In this eye opening snapshot of her views on life, parenting and childhood, she whispers out loud the secrets which once held her back from finding and living her purpose fully. This gripping and poignant book reveals the previously hidden story behind her lonely and challenging healing journey through being childless, depressed and labelled as mentally ill.

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Desperate to Sell’ is a fictional comedy pathos look at life through the eyes of Alan Byrne, a working class, asian, east londoner in his early 50’s. Until a couple of years ago he was a happily married man of 25 years but now unexpectedly finds himself divorced, alone and somewhat lost.The book is very much about Alan's reflections on life as the older man. He talks of missing his ex-wife, working class roots, being a non stereotypical ‘asian’ man, his dysfunctional poverty stricken family, behavior, people, what he sees, believes and does. Trying to avoid blame culture he explores the past, present, future, where he fits into it and of his fears such as being childless, alone, talking to himself, OCD, Agoraphobia, and Mental health.

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As a farm girl raised in eastern Oregon, Jackie Shannon Hollis expected to become a mother someday. But, after several failed relationships, she meets Bill, a man who doesn’t want children. In direct and intimate language, this debut memoir asks us to consider what we keep and what we abandon to make space for love.

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An inauspicious encounter in a doctor’s surgery during a routine follow-up for IVF initiates a descent into a labyrinth of questioning and uncertainty. A look at life, the darker side of motherhood, friendship, and the future, A Year of Medical Thinking chronicles one woman’s ordinary life as it is catapulted into a quest for meaning and purpose.

Focusing on the emotional shift that occurs after a potentially life threatening diagnosis, SK Reid explores the loss of control, security and hope prompting reflections on life, vitality and most importantly, resilience.

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