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More To Life webinar with Stephanie Phillips

This webinar will be hosted by More To Life who run a series of webinars tackling the diverse range of issues that manifest when living without children.

Stephanie Phillips grew up surrounded by family and expected to be a mum herself one day. Circumstances meant her dream didn’t come true when the reality of childlessness hit at the age of thirty nine. For several years she hid her grief and buried her emotions until coming across an online support group. Amongst strangers she found friends and started to unlock the grief she held inside.

As time went by she had an idea to create a week specifically for the childless not by choice and shared her thoughts quietly with several childless friends. Their enthusiasm spurred her on and on the 31st July 2017 she announced the first World Childless Week would take place that September.

Stephanie is passionate about helping people find support quicker and raising awareness of the childless community. In this webinar she will share some of her story alongside the daily topics for this year’s World Childless Week, the additional events taking place and how you can get involved.

You can find out more and how to register for this webinar here