World Childless Week 2019

Comments That Hurt - “As a parent I have empathy”


The comment “as a parent I have empathy” has become increasingly popular in politics and social media. We can explore why this comment is hurtful and how we have empathy regardless of not having children.

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Transforming Comments That Hurt with Jackie and Bill Hollis


In this webinar, Jackie Shannon Hollis author of This Particular Happiness, A Childless Love Story and her husband Bill Hollis will address comments that hurt.

They will share their story and the some of the hurtful comments they have encountered and dealt with from each other, strangers, family and friends. They will explore how we can respond with strength and curiosity and exercise our own empathy.

An insensitive comment is a knife thrown down with which we can hurt ourselves. How do we learn to leave that knife on the ground, and instead, transform hurtful comments into opportunities for conversation and connection?

There will also be the opportunity, after their presentation, to anonymously ask questions about comments that hurt and any of the points they have raised.

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