World Childless Week 2019

Childlessness and The Arts


The written word can be strong but sometimes a single image can express a thousand emotions. Today we explore all forms of art and you don’t need to be a professional to participate.

If you are a photographer, poet, painter, sculptor, actor, dancer, musician or creative in any way this day is for you. Join us as we celebrate the healing powers of art.

Art, Healing and Moving Forward with Helen Segal


Earlier in the year Stephanie Phillips (founder, World Childless Week) watched Helen Segal of Grieve with Love and Kindness in a webinar where participation was encouraged:

I was a little aprehensive of what delight or disaster I would create but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was quietly happy with what I created. The biggest thing to remember is as Helen put it in an email to me:

“Art, Healing and Moving Forward! NO CREATIVE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY”

Victoria Firth

Victoria Firth

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019

  • 7:00 PM 8:00 PM

  • LondonUK (map)

In this webinar Stephanie Phillips will be joined by Tina Reid-Peršin and Victoria Firth. Tina is a photographer who produced the portfolio, “Photos I’ll Never Take” and Victoria is a performer who is about to tour with “How To Be Amazingly Happy”.

Victoria Firth is a performer, theatre maker and director from Yorkshire. In September she will be kick starting her tour How To Be Amazingly Happy! Victoria is on a quest to discover how you make a new life when you can’t have the one you imagined. In this big hearted, big thinking show of storytelling and physical comedy our heroine’s mid-life search for joy, identity and belonging features public displays of playfulness, private truths and sheer bloody mindedness. Join Victoria as she asks – is it possible to be happy without kids?

Tina Reid-Peršin is an artist working with photography, She first showed her “Photo’s I’ll Never Take” at Brighton Fringe in October 2012. Photos I’ll Never Take is about the family  I will never have, and uses the concept of a fictional family album to try to convey the sense of grief and loss that accompanies this situation. Since February 2011, I have been making a series of tableaux that will be used to create this album and have also made a couple of short video clips, to accompany it. In place of a child, I have used a shop mannequin and have involved my husband, family members and friends to create the photos.

Tina and Victoria will both give their own presentation followed by a discussion, where you will have the opportunity to pose a question anonymously. You can register for this webinar here

Your word, images, poems and stories about Childlessness and The Arts