Why I'm a World Childless Week Champion by Jody Day

“Since I started Gateway Women seven years ago, the topic of childlessness has gradually moved from the margins towards the mainstream, but those of us who are childless not by choice (CNBC) still face prejudice, stigma, ignorance and insensitivity in many areas of our lives: in our families and peer groups, in our communities, at work, in our places of workshop and from civic and medical services.”

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Making it easier to get in touch

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It's really busy at WCW HQ!

We have a World Childless Week Champions and team meeting this week with a busy agenda. We've got some exciting news to share very soon about the Champions, watch this space but you'll also see we've added new faces: Meriel Whale, Rod Silvers, James Petherick and Yvonne John. 

We are so pleased to have Champions that approach childlessness from all demographics, genders and disabilities. It's important that we speak for everyone and for as many countries as possible too. We really do mean World! 

You'll also be finding out from each Champion why they are supporting World Childless Week in their own words starting with an article from Vicky this week. We hope you'll find them inspiring. 

Don't forget to pop a note in your diary for tomorrow 15th August when Steph will talking about all things WCW with the wonderful More to Life team and she'll be supported by the Champions. It's your chance to meet her via Zoom. To sign up, click on this link here.

Steph and Berenice are starting to fill the website with 2018 material ready to be published and you'll see we have a new contact page with a form that allows you to attached your article and an image. This form is completely confidential. If you have any questions, you can find most answers on our helpful FAQ page but you can also use the form to make any enquiries too. 

Also going out this week is another batch of press releases. If you would like to contact your local paper do let us know and we can send you the official World Childless Week PR and logo. 

Photo: Marko Pekić