Men Matter Too: Join Dr Robin Hadley and Michael Hughes for a frank 1-hour conversation about male childlessness.

World Childless Week recognises that men really do matter. We will be sharing posts from those men affected by childlessness not by choice and we are inviting men to join World Childless Week Champions, Dr Robin Hadly and Michael Hughes from Married and Childless as they record a frank 1 hour conversation about male childlessness on 25th August.

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The un-held hand - Robin Hadley on Father's Day

It is that time of year when strategies deployed at Christmas, New Year and sundry other ‘national family centred event days’ are taken down from the loft, dusted off and made ready: Father’s Day to my mind, has followed the marketization of Mother’s Day.

Undoubtedly, next Monday’s news reports will give estimations of how many millions of pounds were spent on Father’s Day and how much more was spent on Mother's Day. It would appear that in order to acknowledge biological or social fatherhood a card, a present, and a meal specially priced (and specially defrosted and reheated) is now mandatory. Wherever you go displays inviting you to acknowledge your father or the father of your children abound.

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