Why I'm a World Childless Week Champion by Kenny Smith

I'm the behind the scenes support for Berenice who does all the creative thinking and tech on Walk In Our Shoes. But that's why I wanted to find out more about World Childless Week because behind everyone who speaks out there's friends, family or a partner there to encourage and lend an ear on the bad days. I saw how Fertility Fest made an impact on Berenice and realised then, that it's important that World Childless Week must have stories from men who haven't experienced fatherhood and from different demographics.  

I'm here on behalf of what Berenice and I call the 'unsung heroes' who are supporting the speakers and writers - from walking dogs, loading dishwashers and supplying a shoulder to cry on.

World Childless Week are holding a Men Matter Too day on 13th September. Find out about the events on this day by clicking here

You can also register to take part in The Men's Room discussion with Michael Hughes and Dr Robin Hadley which takes place on 25th August at 11am GMT. We welcome men from all over the world to join up and take part in this men only event.