Why I'm a World Childless Week Champion by Michael Hughes

I have always believed that we should all give something back. Once we had come to terms with our childlessness, we realised that we as a couple had made it through the other side, knowing many don't. Not being of the academic type, we thought we'd just share our story, keeping it real and raw via a blog hoping others can learn from our experience.

We began to look for others like us and found Steph's group 'Path to Acceptance' on Facebook. We had found our people, no one can support you like those that know what you're going through.

Fast Forward to 2018, we had the chance to meet Steph and Berenice Smith (Walk In Our Shoes) at Fertility Fest whilst on a holiday in the UK. You can not but stand in awe of these two women, Stephs' determination and courage make her a warrior for the childless, throw in the infectious enthusiasm, passion and inspiration that is Berenice and you have a power couple like know other, they had me hooked. They have taken me under their wing and catapulted me to a place that I never thought I would be, standing beside Jody Day and Robin Hadley, I feel proud to stand with these beautiful people and say that I am a WCW Champion.

We had found our people, no one can support you like those that know what you’re going through.
— Michael Hughes

You can listen to Michael talking to Dr Robin Hadley in The Men's Room. You can also join in this pre-recorded event on 25th August. For more details click here.