Men Matter Too, links we love

Today we've shared the words from those who contacted the website each day and wanted to use our platform to write their words.

Throughout the weeks to come and starting from today, we've compiled the links to sites who are also sharing content that the team and Champions think you'll love to read because the creator writes to our daily theme.

If you pop over, do let them know that you read about them on World Childless Week

Read Zohir's story at Walk In Our Shoes, a project run by our Champions Berenice and Kenny Smith

Gateway Women is a site for women but we loved this post from 2017 that shares advice on talking about childlessness which applies to all genders. 

Sandy Michelet is the person behind and a World Childless Week Champion, she posted this blog today.

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle is a World Childless Week Champion and write son Femme Sans Enfant. She published this blog today. You will also find blogs here for all the subjects this week.

Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos who you may know as Silent Sorority wrote for here for World Childless Week.

Listen to Steph on Newstalk below.

You can also read more about World Childless Week at Artemise aura tout essays ou presque..

On Facebook, RedDoor Publishing who are Tessa’s Broad’s publisher shared our page.

Grieving Mothers: Sunshine After The Storm also shared our page.

And don’t forget to join Champions Vanida and Yvonne at the Facebook page for World Childless week in Germany.

Please also meet our two new Champions…. Tere Dattari who represents our Latin American community and Bibi Lynch, writer and broadcaster.

Your host today was Michael Hughes. His website is Married and Childless

Thank you to everyone who has written about World Childless Week. We’ve been asked why we ask for a link and why we check copy first or post or not post these links earlier. The reason we ask for a link is so that we can share your work to the thousands of people who are part of World Childless Week. It’s common practice to swap links to be supportive. We appreciate it if you link back to us too.

The reason we share at the end of the day is so that we can check if we receive news from a blogger we don’t know that well or we’re uncertain of their motivation. This means we can be certain we’re sharing something safe. Unfortunately the more popular we’ve become, we’ve found that there are some dubious accounts are using our hashtag and we want to be as diligent as possible.