The Hole In My Heart - Andy Duncan

That time has come, you should have been here

From start to finish, we would have been there

Watching you grow up, would have been lovely

Knowing whilst you were young, you would be cuddly

Me and your mum, had so much to give

You should have been here, to see and live

Sadly for whatever reason you didn’t make it

I look out the window and see one star lit

I know it’s you looking down on us, don’t worry we’re ok

We just hoped and wished you were here to stay

Not one day goes by you’re not in my head doing loop

And as I say, don’t worry as one day I know we will regroup

It seems to me there is no one to thank

Just do me and your mum a favour, look after Harry and Frank

The time has come to say goodbye

I will always think of that one word “why”


Love you our little Strawb


World Childless Week - The Hole In My Heart.jpg