England Expects by Rod Silvers

England Expects was Produced in 2010 as a consequence of the 2 unsuccessful IVF journeys my wife and I went through. I wrote the story because I felt I needed to do ‘something?’

At the time I looked and researched to see if there was anything out there for men like me; ‘childless men’. I found not a thing. I’m an actor/writer and it was only natural I would use the medium to explore the subject matter.

As a massive football fan I decided to use the game as a metaphor to explore hope, expectation and loss. I needed a tool where men felt they could be open without feeling fear, shame or guilt; football was it.

I wanted the film to reach out to people; particularly men to know they are not alone. Since doing the film I have heard from people whom have told me it has helped them. Not only does that validate the journey but more than that gives me great joy because all I ever really wanted to do was ‘something’ to help.

Rod Silvers


England Expects is a short (15min) film from Elstree Media Productions/Rod Silver's Films. It is 2010. Billy is hoping for two things: that the IVF treatment he and his wife have been having will be successful; and, that England will beat Germany to get to the quarter finals of the World Cup.

Rod Silvers is a World Childless Week Champion, we’re thrilled to have him sharing the men’s side of childlessness not by choice.