Finding Acceptance & Moving Forwards introduction by Stephanie Phillips

Today is not only about Moving Forwards and Finding Acceptance; today also falls on the 16th September which last year we claimed as our day. We have claimed the 16th September to acknowledge who we are and celebrate the positives within our life and where our future may lead. To look back on the last twelve months and see how our life has changed. To look to the wider circle and see how many more people have found support and friendship within our community. 

You may want to spend a moment of this day to reflect on what could have been and send your love to the children and life you dreamed of. On Tuesday some of our community shared their letters to their Unborn Children and perhaps today, tomorrow or in the weeks to come you will write your own letter. This is our day to do what gives us peace of mind because we need to nurture ourselves first. We have the right to prioritise our own needs.

When we think of going forwards we often look backwards. We contemplate on what we will leave behind for future generations; what mark we will have left on the world. We start to doubt our self worth. I’d like to share with you part of a webinar I did for More To Life earlier this year for World Childless Week.

Something that I have seen come up time and time again is that we have no legacy because we have no children. But being childless does not mean that you cannot leave a legacy.

Legacy is not always about money, processions or children; it can be about knowledge, raising awareness, leaving an impression or making a change for the better.

When I talked about the forget me not I mentioned how is self seeds and is resilient to being forgotten. Perhaps we could help sow the seeds of change for the planet. Nurture the earth and plants that sustain our life. Through the simplest act of scattering some seeds we could be creating something that outlasts us. Just because we cannot leave a bloodline behind us doesn’t mean that we can’t create generations of flowers or plants.

I also think about how we know about history. We have books and film but before that was word of mouth. History began by sharing stories. Legacy was not about processions or money. It was about sharing your story and your history. Through word of mouth people knew who you were and what you stood for. It was about the acts you did, the changes you made for the better, the way you could help others. You didn’t need to be related by blood to tell the stories or hear them.

Even when the names are forgotten the story of the positive changes made can inspire others to do the same and the story can still continue.

So perhaps you could buy some seeds to scatter or plant. Or perhaps you could share your thoughts and your stories via World Childless Week. Your words have to power to support and strengthen others. Your words could reach out to people who understand and people who want to understand.

Your words can give someone else the starting point they need to make a difference to their life or the life’s of others. Perhaps one day they will share their story and that will be down to you.

So sow your seeds, or tell your story, and create your legacy.


We don’t need to look backwards, we need to look to the present day and forwards. One small action today could make the difference to someone tomorrow. Everything you do has the possibility to start your legacy and for many of you your legacy will have already begun; even if you don’t realise it. Don’t doubt that what you bring to the world is important.

One small act of kindness that you forget about in an instant could have a positive effect on someone for their lifetime.

One small change in your own mindset could have a positive effect on you and how you feel moving forwards. Have confidence in your decisions and don’t worry if some of them are wrong. We all have to take steps backwards at times but remember that the steps forward, as little as they may be, are steps forward.


Stephanie Phillips

Founder, World Childless Week

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