Survey Results for Moving Forwards and Finding Acceptance

Do You feel acceptance is a reality? 

Number of responses: 441

If you participated in World Childless Week 2017 do you think you may take a step up/forward and interract more during WCW18? 

Number of responses: 219

If you participated during World Childless Week 2017 did it help you emotionally?

Number of responses: 135

If you participated in World Childless Week 2017 did it help you in any of these ways?

Number of responses: 127

To understand the significance of previous chart I have converted figures into statistics.

81% said they did not feel so alone

70% felt their emotions validated

68% felt understood

15% made friends

34% found support

37% found courage

18% found their worth

5% discovered something else

Some of these numbers are lower than others but each number represents a positive that we can build on each year after years. 81% said they did not feel so alone. We made a difference last year and we can do that every year going forwards.

I asked if anyone would like to share their thoughts on how World Childless Week 2017 made them feel and here are a selection of the answers.

It was inspiring, and encouraged me to use my voice more. I felt validated.

It was the first time I shared my childlessness grief with anyone other than my closest friend and my sister. I went public via facebook and received so many supportive and positive comments. Sharing in this way was the final step in the process losing my sense of shame and failure and I am now able to talk comfortably about my childlessness and raise awareness with people who have no idea of our experiences.

Courage and camraderie

Sense of pride, rather than shame.

I finally felt understood and worthy. I was not alone & made to feel like the odd one out , It made me want to participate more this year. I finally found a sense on community in my was wonderful do supported and not so alone


Since last years World Childless Week do you feel like you have moved forward and taken a step forward to acceptance

Number of responses: 207

Lets hope that each year we can help more people move forwards and find acceptance.