Rosalind Bubb - Easing the pain of being childless, using EFT 'tapping' video

Would you like a simple and effective self-help tool, which you can use to help you to change the way you feel about being childless? - one which can reduce and soften the painful emotions, right now?

Join me for this introductory “tap-along” video, as I introduce you to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – commonly known as “tapping”) and give you a chance to actually try it for yourself.

I’ve had 12 miscarriages and no children, but in spite of this I am happy and peaceful and well. It actually feels as if I’ve had none at all, and that’s because of all the “tapping” I’ve done over the years.

I first discovered “tapping” shortly before my third miscarriage (which was at 14 weeks.) Without it, I really don’t know how I would have coped. I’m now an experienced therapist and I support people all around the world who’ve been affected by miscarriage, or by being childless – and EFT “tapping” is one of the key tools which we use together.

Why not join me now, and give it a try for yourself? It really can change the way you feel!

For more information about how I can help you to feel better, and for your “6 Step Plan to being happy and peaceful after childlessness”, go to my website,

Rosalind Bubb