Facts and Figures, links we love to share

Today we've shared the words from those who contacted the website each day and wanted to use our platform to write their words.

Throughout the weeks to come and starting from today, we will compile the links to sites who are also posting content that the team and Champions think you'll love to read because the creator writes to our daily theme. 

If you pop over, do let them know that you read about them on World Childless Week

Stella Duffy OBE is an author of many books and we are thrilled she's a World Childless Week Champion. She posted this her blog to honour the start of this week. 

Lesley Pyne who is also a World Childless Week Champion and author. She posted this blog yesterday it's about why she chose the words on her my 'I am me' photos which you'll all see in one huge gallery on Saturday! If you'd like to send in your 'I Am Me' photo, please head over to the form here and attach your completed photo to the form and send over. You can also pop an email to us as well. 

Cristina Archetti spoke on NRK Radio which is the equivilant of the BBC she tell us so we're thrilled to share the recording here.

You heard from Katy Lindermann Thorton with her story today and she has written another article here on the tyranny of positivity

IVF Babble have written about World Childless Week here.

Myraid Editions have 20% off The Facts of Life by Paula Knight to honour World Childless Week. 

Gateway Women is founded by Jody Day, a World Childless Week Champion and here are the articles from last year's Facts and Figures

Gateway Women 2017 Isolation to Connection

Gateway Women on Facts and Figures

The traffic for World Childless Week has been crazy busy today so if we've missed you then please let us know. We do require that the post is on topic for the day, has the links to our website and is true to the ethos of World Childless Week