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It’s Good To Talk by Rod Silvers

Former market stallholder and stand-up comic Rod Silvers has written plays and sketches for the Edinburgh Fringe, BBC Radio and is soon to publish his first novel.

Last year he finished a run of his comedy play Terry and Jude exploring the lives of 2 single, older, childless men. The story was inspired by his 2011 film England Expects; following one man’s journey of IVF, which he also wrote and Co-Produced. As an actor he has appeared in TV and films such as Agent Cody Banks 2, The Infidel and Namastay 2. He recently played Bottom in A Midsummer Nights Dream for the Infinite Jest Theatre Company and has not long arrived back from Sri Lanka after filming The Good Karma Hospital for ITV.

This webinar is good for both men and women to hear as it will explore the general communication and processing difficulties that men may face. Rod will give a narrative about childlessness from the male perspective and how he dealt with the consequences. He feels passionately that men are often over-looked and that society needs to change the way it responds to childless men as a modern life issue. Rod will share salient points from his own past experiences, where this has left him and how he faces the future

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