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What it means Not to be a Dad with Robin Hadley

In this webinar Sarah Lawrence of After The Storm will be talking with Robin Hadley who will be giving us an insight into the male perspective of being childless and what it means to not be a dad.

I self-funded my MSc to try and find the level of 'broodiness' in adults in females and males, non-parents and parents. The results of my small mixed-methods study found that there was little difference in the desire to become a parent between female and male childless individuals. That study also indicated that for some male participants not becoming a parent had a greater negative effect than reported by the female participants.

Robin Hadley

Stephanie Phillips, founder of World Childless Week and Berenice Smith, Walk In Our Shoes will also be attending and adding their thoughts to the discussion.

You can register for this FREE webinar (which will not be recorded) here